Teen Therapy

Initial Session

As a parent of an older child, your role will not be as crucial as for the younger children in therapy, but still very important.  Completing all the intake forms prior to your youth’s appointment will allow the session to be off to a great start!

During the initial session, your youth will participate in an intake interview and pre-treatment assessment.  This will allow me to get a solid sense of his or her experience of the problems and to make sure your youth feels fully engaged in the treatment process right from the beginning. Your youth may be asked to complete a variety of pre-treatment measures ranging from questionnaires, to drawings, to more formal testing.   I will observe and actively listen to your youth which will provide me with additional information about his/her difficulties and the best ways to go about treating them. Assessments can also be very useful in helping me evaluate the progress during the treatment process.

I will encourage your youth to share vital information directly with you because it leads to a better support system and communication in the home, but aside from vital information confidentiality of the youth will be respected.   Also, it is imperative for you to remain supportive of your youth which will aid in a faster success.

The Duration of the Sessions

The sessions are preferably weekly, unless you state a preference otherwise. Sessions are 50 minutes.  The sessions are at the youth’s pace and there is no average when it comes to how long I will see an individual.

Please schedule a complimentary phone consultation, which will allow us the opportunity to explore how working together can help your child to progress and reach the desired goals.  After we have determined a good fit, the following investment option is available:

  • Individual sessions
    • One 50-minute session
    • $100.00 per session
    • Cash, Check, Debit/Credit Card Accepted
    • Out of Network PPO – Accepted (Superbill provided upon request)

Age Range

Typically, youths (aged 12-18) enjoy both art and talk therapy.