Although most of my clients see me in my office in Corona, California area, I offer sessions via phone, Skype or Google (California residents only).

The benefits of Skype and Google are:

  • Flexible way to resolve your child’s issues from the comfort and anonymity of their own home!
  • Together we set a goal and look at ways of achieving it.
  • The child chooses the most achievable and realistic option for them to get the result they want; the child feels empowered which raises their self-esteem.
  • When focusing on the solution (as oppose to the problem), improvement is typically seen after the first session, success is typically between 3-6 sessions.

I am interactive, supportive and help the child/youth think creatively.  I encourage the child to be open about their thoughts and feelings by asking questions and listening to their responses, both verbal and non-verbal.  I am non-judgmental and view every child as a whole and not just an issue.

Please contact me with any questions regarding Teletherapy.